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The EMERGE Model

The EMERGE model uses transitional employment and engages participants in wrap-around services to break the cycle of recidivism, build community, and inspire hope.


Seemingly race-blind laws in the criminal justice system hurt minorities, especially Black people. Due in part to legal barriers after incarceration, high recidivism rates are a deep-rooted problem all across America.

Break the Cycle


of formerly incarcerated people in Connecticut return to prison on a new conviction within two years of their release.

(CT Office of Policy and Management, 2018 Cohort)


At EMERGE, crewmember and alum see significantly lower rates of re-incarceration in their first two years after enrollment than peers in the state.

(Cumulative since 2011) 


of incarcerated people nationwide are BIPOC, even though they only comprise 28% of the general population.

Build Community

Our Partners

EMERGE partners with local nonprofits, universities, religious communities, and community organizations to build a strong support network around each crewmember.


Some of our recent partners include:


Fair Haven Community Health Center

Neighborhood Housing Services

Southern Connecticut State University

Urban Resource Initiative at Yale University

Winning Ways

Bring Hope

Our Impact 

As a social enterprise, EMERGE supports people returning home from incarceration by employing them and training them in marketable skills to earn competitive wages and build wealth.


1. As of July 2022, EMERGE crewmembers' starting wage is $15/hour. 


2. Over half of EMERGE crewmembers exit to full-time employment, with 82% still working one year later.

3. EMERGE's commercial activity is a strong revenue driver with 40-50% of our budget generated in earn revenue each year.

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