About Us

EMERGE Connecticut, Inc. is a Transitional Work Training Program with the goal of providing recently released ex-offenders in the Greater New Haven area with the opportunity to end the pattern of recidivism.  EMERGE crewmembers are offered paid, part-time training in construction, landscaping and property management while at the same time engaging in an array of unpaid program components designed to promote behavioral change.  This combination of  on-the-job training and program services has proven successful with New Haven’s re-entry population since July of 2011.   

Our Services

Participants are provided the opportunity to apply their existing and newly acquired skill sets under the supervision of a crew chief on various construction and landscaping sites part-time on a weekly basis. C.O.R.E. crew members are evaluated daily to ensure quality workmanship and a positive attitude within the workplace.  A workplace-simulated environment of high structure and immediate feedback provides constructive guidance while crewmembers learn first hand what is and will be expected of them at future places of employment.

The C.O.R.E. Experience

Through the Community Offender Re-Entry Experience (C.O.R.E.) EMERGE Connecticut Inc. offers a unique "Earn and Learn" program model.  While EMERGE participants learn new skills, they are required to participate in self-paced, highly-individualized literacy and numeracy workshops through Khan Academy to improve their scores on the CASAS scale.  Crew members also take in-house parenting classes, employability workshops and our "Real Talk" group therapy sessions as part of a model designed to promote better decision making and emotional maturity.